Centralhatchee First Baptist is thankful to have members who participate in various areas of the church operations and ministries including teaching, bible study, outreach, and other various vital positions that help keep the church functioning.  We are grateful for their participation and the sacrifice to give of their time and talents. 

      We are blessed to have a wonderful group of men that make up our deacon board which include:
  • Scott Bailey
  • Jerry Duke
  • Joel Duke
  • Ricky Duke
  • Chuck Loftin
  • Allen Sewell

  • W.O.W. Director: Rita Loftin
  • Sunday school Director: Allen Sewell
  • Worship leader:  Ricky Duke
  • Choir director:  Mark Tuggle
  • Youth Leader: Ashlee Johnson
  • Administrative Assistant:  Renee' Williams
  • Children's church director: Nicole Dunmire
  • Nursery Director: Beth Simonds

God bless those that serve!